Why Hire Deerfield Partners?

100% Focused on Walgreens

  • All day, every day, we are talking with Walgreens buyers, sellers and brokers.
  • You will not miss a buyer. As a result of our focus, every Walgreens buyer who is "in the market" will see your deal.
  • We have invested in web-based marketing programs which are constantly sourcing 1031 exchange buyers. Our experience shows these buyers pay the best cap rates.
  • Results. Over the past year, we have personally completed 29 Walgreens transactions totaling $208,423,400 in value.
  • In the past five months alone, we've closed 19 Walgreens sales totaling $127,500,000 in value.
  • We currently have another nine deals pending totaling another $61,359,000 in consideration.

Unparalleled Market Intelligence

  • We track every Walgreens on the market, including most under construction.
  • Our information is real-time data secured by brokers on a daily basis.
  • Unique forecasting capabilities enable you to look ahead at what will be coming to market.
  • A proprietary database that tracks 99% of Walgreens available on the market.

We Work Harder Than Our Competitors

  • Your business is important to us.
  • We recognize the long-term value of mutually beneficial relationships far outweighs the short-term value of any particular transaction or commission.
  • We are so confident in our ability to perform, that our listing agreement gives you the right to cancel at any time for any reason.

How is Deerfield Partners Different?

Deerfield Partners Other Brokerage Firms
100% Focused on Walgreens Scattered market/tenant focus
We take on exclusive listing assignments selectively in situations where we feel we can add value. Have a land-grab mentality signing exclusive listings at pricing they can not deliver. As a result, they are over-extended and under-performing.
You hire us (Art and John), and we (Art and John) do the work. No inexperienced marketing assistants, admins, etc. We are on every phone call. Many will try to sell you the "team" which means they have a less experienced associate handling important phone calls with prospective buyers and their brokers.
Real-time market intelligence based on daily conversations with developers. Subscribe to third-party Internet services which are dated and inaccurate.
Proactive, multi-channel marketing process that accelerates disposition timeframe and maximizes sale prices. Passive and reactive listing process. Practice "push-button" real estate where they send out an email and wait for the phone to ring.